About Us

Kitchen Air Inc was formed in January of 2010, after its founder, Brandon Wellington noticed a distinct need for a new kind of service company in the niche industry of commercial kitchen ventilation. For far too long, this sector of the HVAC market has and continues to be either completely ignored or serviced by companies who are unfamiliar with the technologies, or ones that lack the proper equipment to correctly troubleshoot/maintain Kitchen Ventilation Systems. Ultimately, it is the end user who suffers from this negligence. Uncomfortable kitchen/dining environments, smoked out kitchens, and grease fires are some of the more noticeable effects. However, poorly-maintained systems can also result in unnoticeable burdens to overhead such as regularly elevated utility bills or an “under-performing” heater due to an outside supply duct-run that is uninsulated.

In 2013, Kitchen Air Inc became a certified member of the National Balancing Council and began and continues to provide airflow Testing and Balancing services for entire restaurants. In 2016, Kitchen Air Inc began private labeling and designing their own kitchen ventilation systems. In 2017, Kitchen Air Inc launched its first Grease Hood Filter deep Cleaning/Exchange division.

“Knowledge, Honesty and Competency is missing in this industry”. Kitchen Air Inc’s intent is to change this, by taking a more personal and professional approach to educating its customers and the servicing of their equipment.

Brandon Wellington holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Lehigh University and is a former member of the Research and Development Department of Captive-Aire Systems, the largest provider of kitchen ventilation equipment in North America. While working at Captive-Aire, he obtained a patent for his work on specialized heat transfer/electrical control methods associated with the conditioning and tempering of supply air, led in the design of the most efficient Indirect-fired Make-Up Air Unit currently in the Industry and traveled to numerous job-sites around the country to service/troubleshoot an array of different commercial kitchen ventilation systems.

Kitchen Air Inc has the know-how, equipment and determination to educate and serve its customers. We are excited to continually adapt to challenges and wish to have a lasting, positive effect on this industry.